Thursday, April 17, 2014

A day with an orphan VIDEO!

Ashley Abell's, volunteer with ROOM in Honduras, shared her experience this past month in the form of a video:

When you click on this link that shares the video Ashley created, you can see what it is like to spend a day with an orphan in Honduras.  Ashley and several other friends came down for a week just to dedicate some time to loving on the orphans God called us all to share life with!  They had several crafts, shared the gospel message, and simply had fun with the kids at several different orphanages!  Enjoy the snapshots in this video; I'm sure you may even recognize some of the faces!

If you would like to join ROOM on a mission trip or volunteer as a short or long-term volunteer just contact us:!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Soles for Souls!

This amazing organization just brought some joy to several of the orphans ROOM works with!

It is always super exciting when I get an email or phone call from someone asking if we know of any orphanages that need some love, or in this case love in the form of shoes!  "YES!" is always the answer!  So when Tiffany from Soles4Souls contacted me for this very reason, Jorge and I were delighted to put the plans in motion!  

They take donations of used and new shoes, then fix them all up as needed, and take them to the poor of the world.  ROOM was able to connect them to some orphanages in Pena Blanca, of Honduras; as well as, Casitas, the girls' public orphanage.  AJ and Jorge joined them in the distribution as well.  

It was a great partnership that we hope continues throughout the year, throughout the world.  (They're in Costa Rica as well, so after our missionary family, The Murray's, settles in we'll be able to partner for orphanages there as well!)

To learn more about Soles4Souls visit:

Not a misprint, Soles4Souls hands out TOMS as well!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Keeping up with Lizzie...and Rescue More!

 For those of you following baby Lizzeth's story...

Here is a nice recap of her sweet little self, from her foster mom, missionary Kaylie Kuhn:


Help ROOM Rescue More...

Due to such a growth in this program: Year 2012 and 2013, nine children were rescued and placed into foster families.  THEN in the months Jan-March 2014 alone, ROOM assisted with 11 more placements-we have rescued outside of our budget!  Thanks to two very on-time donations, we were able to keep the program running, but we want to be sure EVERY abandoned baby can be placed immediately into an adoptive/foster home here in Honduras.  Will you consider a generous donation to ROOM's Scarlet Project?  By donating to Scarlet Project this year, you will be giving orphaned babies a home, surgeries, formula, diapers, and a better chance at life.  It takes about $3000 a month to run this project.  Keep us moving forward in rescuing orphans; donate today!

To continue rescuing babies just like Lizzeth ROOM needs sponsors just like Abi, Lizzeth's sponsor in the States.  If you want to see more orphans placed into our foster care program simply donate to our Scarlet Project online: or ROOM, PO Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Footsteps into Nepal...

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly, He delights in every detail of their lives.  Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand” Psalm 37:23-24

Last month, ROOM was able to take their very first steps into the country of Nepal.  Our board Chair, Traci, and Director of Operations, Amanda, joined up with India ROOM missionary, Ali,  for an excursion into the uncharted land of Nepal (well for ROOM that is!)  Right now, we are not sure where this exploration visit will lead us, but God surely knows.  There are thousands of trafficked children in Nepal, taken from families, and left at orphanages or worse lost among the Nepalese faces.  The decade-long Civil War in Nepal opened the door to this atrocity, and as Christians we must stand up to assist in righting this wrong.

As Ali puts in her latest blog post, God's heart breaks over these injustices and He will equip us and all His children to reach these precious little ones.  

 "What I do know right now is that God is awesome and faithful and He truly works everything out for His glory.  I know that His heart breaks for injustices and I also know that He’s not afraid and broken when He looks at things going on in this world.  I know that everything we do is part of His universal plan of redemption and I know that God equips, protects, empowers and deeply loves every single soul that puts their faith in Him."

Keep on reading at: to hear all about ROOM's Nepal trip and some updates as well from our work in India.  Find your place in the calling God mandates for the orphan world.  Every second counts.

To give to ROOM visit or mail your donation to:
PO Box 5882
Concord, NC 28027

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Orphans Super Blessed by recent teams...

ROOM is so thankful for two recent teams that came to love on some of the kids at several orphanages here in San Pedro Sula:

First off, thank you to Mission on the Move that came down and treated several cases of sickness and lice; as well as, treated our special needs' boys to much needed love and therapy!  Our special needs' staff learned a lot, and were given equipment so they can continue the much needed therapy!  Thank you!

Jason walked around practically all day!
 So much equipment that was instantly a hit with the boys!
 Juvencio played guitar for what was perhaps his first time!

Allison with Juan de Dios!  NO more lice!

The very next week, we had the joy of meeting Outstretched Arms Ministry.  

They spent the day purchasing much needed food and hygiene items for three of the orphanages ROOM works with.  One of the orphanages was Hogar Santidad.  When we showed up with the gifts, the house mom squealed when she saw the mounds of toilet paper; apparently they had had none for two days.  Imagine living in a house with 8 people and NO toilet paper.  I can't.  

This team saw the need and answered it!  That is what our Orphanage Care Program is all about.  By donating to this program, you assist ROOM in seeing that these basic needs are always met.  You can also choose to build a relationship with one of these precious homes.  Just contact us today, and your family, church, or any group can see to it that the orphans here in Honduras are constantly shown the love of Christ!

Hogar Santidad with the pencil case gifts left by the team!

Friday, February 28, 2014

No More Lonely...

Psalm 68:6 tells us that "God sets the lonely in families..." and over the past year, I have been amazed at how each story is so unique and perfect to fit child and family in such a way that it is impossible to not see God's fingerprints all over it!

Just to catch us up: In 2013, ROOM was able to place 9 children into adoptive/foster family!  Each story was such a triumphal joy for us, as each was quite difficult to accomplish!  In December of 2013, a new regional director took seat at the IHNFA office and began working hand-in-hand with ROOM and other non-profits in placing children with as many families as possible.  Therefore, within the last 2 months alone, we were able to place 6 children!  All Praise to the Father of the fatherless!

So, below I wanted to give some quick snapshots of each child with their foster/adoptive family.  Sadly, I haven't been able to post each story as it occurred on our private Facebook page: ROOM Family, so hopefully this will get us all up to date.  Thank you to all who pray, thank you to all who sponsors these little ones by donating to our Scarlet Project fund.  Without you their rescue, growth, and end to loneliness would not have been possible.

 Matias is now in the loving arms of Danilo and Eva!  They are enjoying every moment!
 Angel (pictured right) is now with Ada.  Ada is a permanent foster mom with ROOM that cares for our most delicate cases.  She recently loved Carmen back to health, and now has Angel.  Angel has hydrocephalus and was dropped off  by relatives who no longer wanted to care for him.  Right now he is doing super well health wise; we are looking for a family locally or internationally to adopt him!

I am sure you all remember Brigitte!  She came to us in January, and hung out with the Garcia family for a bit, cared for by our soon to be new Honduras missionary, Michelle.   Shortly after Michelle had to go back to Texas, God provided a dear mom and daughter team!  Mrs. Irasema and Kensy have dedicated their days and some nights to getting Brigitte good and healthy for her first surgery that should take place in April!  Brigitte stills sees her mommy once a week.  We connected her mom to a great program through Operation Blessings that should be able to help her get a job or education, so she can solely support her daughter!

(Below) Better in twos!  By some odd circumstances, the Bandy family ended up with not one, but two very sweet girls!  Carmen and Steffanny now are in very good hands with three older brothers whom love them dearly!  Marisol longed for a girl to call her own!  Her prayers are answered twice!  Not sure if they will adopt both, but for now they are a happy family!

 Jesus, I'm sure is the story most of you were looking for.  He's been with our program for quite a while with lots of ups and downs.  We will stick with him as his forever family no matter what!  His current placement is worthy of its own blog, but I'll try to keep it concise.  After many attempts to find him a foster home, I was one day organizing desk papers.  There I came across a recent acquaintance from our annual Revive Women's Conference, and for the first time realized this sweet missionary and her girls had a special needs' school as well.  I immediately felt such assurance and peace that these ladies were meant for Jesus that I called them then and there.  And he went home to them only a few days later!  The shock that his mom's name and number were on my desk all this time was a bit wild.  He now wakes up in the morning and calls out for "mommy"-calling for the daughter, 25 year-old Aly.  I had only ever heard him call out "Tia" or auntie.  So my joy is full for this little guy! (Aly is holding Jesus in the a bit out of focus pic!)

And now, for our most recent placement, a Sweet Miracle, literally: Dulce Milagro!  Two days ago, while Jorge and I were at the IHNFA office working on another child's case, this 14-day-old girl showed up with Thrush (mouth fungus), infected belly button, and only 5 1/2 lbs.  Her story, abandoned at the hospital and fed only pure cows milk since birth.  

These stories are the most rewarding, knowing she doesn't have to spend one night in the public orphanage, because you have all allowed us to be here, a light in God's perfect path.  And since we were in that office she was placed directly with one of our adoptive families, ready and waiting!

That is what it is all about.  Our prayers here at ROOM is that this becomes the norm!  We need more families!  Pray with us for Honduran hearts to open up to the plea of the orphan.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A day in the life of a ROOM foster mom...

            I used to have beautiful legs. They used to be smooth, soft and scar-free.

I also used to have clothes that fit well, and for the most part were stain-free as well.
I used to have time to do my makeup to perfection.
I used to have enough time to do things such as blog and watch Netflix series.
I used to only have to do the laundry every other week.
I used to be able to sleep in until 8 or 9 o’clock.
But now, things are very different.
Now, my legs are covered in red splotchy scabies and scars from scratching off the skin.
Now, all of my shirts are stretched out and every piece of clothing has some sort of stain.
Now, I’m lucky if I put on makeup once a week for church.
Now, I haven’t blogged for two months and Netflix and I no longer make contact.
Now, I do my laundry almost daily.
Now, sleeping in for me means sleeping in until 6:30 A.M.
And I am so, so, so glad for the life I live now.

 Lizeth's "before" picture at the public orphanage, 5 months and 10 lbs.
Lizeth's after picture! 2 months after being in Kaylie's care, chunky and happy!

I couldn't help but post this excerpt from ROOM volunteer/foster mom, Kaylie Kuhn.  Her words describing her life as a teenage foster mom are just as cute, messy, and adorable as her very own Lizeth!  Continue reading her blog at:

and if you'd like to consider volunteering in a way similar, let us know!  There is always a need for more volunteers to love on orphans here in Honduras!