Friday, August 29, 2014

DINAF announcement...ROOM next steps...

Yesterday, I received an email directly from DINAF, new administrating body for children and family services here in Honduras, declaring that they are officially launched.

The letter stated that they are opening 8 offices across Honduras "with the objective to guarantee quality services in the superior interest of children of Honduras."  While I experienced true excitement upon receiving this declaration (because DINAF is working with ROOM and other NGO's in order to provide those quality services) I also know action is urgent now.  

The entire turn over in reality is not complete.  Nueva Esperanza, public orphanage run by IHNFA, still holds around 30 children.  Casitas around 40 girls.  Weekly, abandoned babies are still dropped off at the IHNFA office, and other children in need of a home as well.  But these facilities are closing and are very possibly not receiving ANY funding now that it is no longer a government-run entity.

ROOM wants to step into the role DINAF has asked us to step into in order for these children to have a transition spot, and afterwards the best placement possible into families or private orphanages.  

In order for that to happen, WE NEED YOU.  Here are our next steps in assisting in children services in our region of Honduras:

1. $450 for toddler beds and cribs at current transition home. (Missionaries Kyle and Cassie Murray already had several children placed with them this month.)

2.  $600 for down deposit to open up second transition home.  (Wendy and Todd Boyle are stepping into this role as transition home missionaries!  They will be moving into the first of the three houses mentioned in earlier blog: "We're's time...we're a go!")

3. $4,500 to wrap up purchase of 15 passenger van that will serve as a means for transportation for all the transition homes' children.

4.  $50,000 to open the largest of the transition homes.  This is our biggest need and is what will allow us to receive 30 children in transition.  Our goal is to open this home by October.  

I am in awe at how over the past two years God has molded ROOM to be in place to serve the children of Honduras in such a time as this.  Not just to fill in the gaps that the government no longer can, but to be allowed to truly give orphans the best opportunity possible at being placed into a forever family or small private orphanage.  This is just the first steps!  God has been sending us all the connections we need to also see foster families and domestic adoptions implemented and spread through the entire country.  JOIN US!  and together I know we will see the orphan crisis in Honduras finally begin to turn around, and these precious lonely children placed into families as is God's heart cry for them. (Psalm 68:6)

To give to this cause go to or send your gift to: ROOM, PO Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027. *Be sure to mark Honduras in the memo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The border crisis and ROOM

The News shouts Honduras on a regular basis now due to the border crisis.

And you may be wondering what part you can play as a Christian longing to bring hope to these children so desperate for hope that they risk their lives time and time again to get to the U.S.  At this point, prayer is crucial, not just for these children but for the country they come from.  I don't say it often because it doesn't affect our day-to-day work here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but we do serve in what is known as the murder capitol of the world.  BUT we don't see any of the activity that has given our city that name.  Because we know exactly where all those murders are taking place and we simply don't go there.  But these kids LIVE there everyday, and that is more than enough reason for them to run to the border for hope and safety.

We don't blame them from trying to get away from these gangs that are now forcing children to join them; the initiation being to murder their own families.  But as they flood back to Honduras at the hand of immigration, ROOM does long to give them some hope on this end.  Many when brought back to their country will be placed in orphanages, some temporarily until family comes to collect them, some permanently because family members are still too fearful of home conditions and would prefer their child grow up in the safe environment of an orphanage.  

ROOM is there now, working alongside these orphanages, filling in gaps like nutrition and hygiene; offering to provide for emergency needs, and assist with spiritual growth.  For however long, we desire to bring light to these kids' lives too when they once again enter their beautiful country that God is working so hard to put back together through the body of Christ, you and I.

But we need your help now, to be prepared to fill these needs that are already knocking on our door there in Honduras.  Let me come share with you and your church the truth of the orphan crisis in Honduras, and explain the opportunity we all have right now as Christians to truly impact a nation through the individual lives of it's orphans.

Email me: to set a date and begin making a difference today.

And to donate today to assist ROOM in meeting the needs of orphanages across Honduras go to: or send your check to:

PO Box 5882
Concord, NC 28027

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Missionaries on the move...announcement from ROOM.

Over the past several months many prayers have gone up to the Father about a certain situation pertaining to our family.  

We’ve been serving here in Honduras for four years now and LOVING it!  Part of the reason we were able to do that (other than obviously all you wonderful supporters) is also due to the agreement of our oldest daughter, Trinity’s, father.  Since she was 2 years old, he has been willing for the most part to work with special visitation schedules just so our family could serve the orphans of Honduras; this was huge answer to many prayers.  It has presented obstacles and hardships many times through her 12 years, but each time God changed hearts, broke through, brought a miracle. 

As Jorge and I prayed about the court hearing that took place a week ago, God kept whispering to our hearts.  I suppose I needed a lot, because He right out gave me a word four times that I knew I could stand on.  The stickiest one being, that He makes all things new.  I actually began to look forward to the hearing; wanting to see this cycle of being called to court for custody of my eldest ended. 

So, yesterday’s hearing did take place and the judge decided if we as a family desired to retain custody of Trinity then it would be best for us to return to the States, and allow her to be schooled here.  

The biggest reasoning being Honduran children are flocking to the US for the opportunities provided, why would we deny our children the same benefits.  It was completely overlooked that 81% of third culture kids get their bachelor’s degrees, while only 21% of US high school graduates finish college.  Talk about a huge percentage of success just stolen from my daughter.  That’s the missionary in me speaking; please don’t take it personal those of you residing stateside.

The bottom-line being, and why I’m sharing all this with you all who have loved our family throughout our infancy on the mission field to now is that in order to keep custody of Trinity, our family must then also move to the US.  It isn’t an option for us to break up our family unit. 

Now don’t freak out, I’ve done enough for all of us!  

The beautiful design is God had already sent another prospective missionary family to run ROOM Honduras alongside us.  We didn’t know it then, but they’ve been living under our very roof in Honduras for the past three weeks.  And they have truly experienced all the ins and outs of ROOM Honduras to the fullest!  Only God could do that in such a small time frame.  While we would have loved more time for this change over, we are confident God knows best and works all things for all of our good. (Romans 8:28) God is moving huge mountains in Honduras, and has placed ROOM there for such a time as this.  As their government dissolves its branch of children services someone has to step into that role, and God has called ROOM to be a part of that solution.  But it is a huge role to fill, and while God has designed ROOM to fill that role it is urgent that we have the means to fund it as well. 

So, while Jorge (who will continue to be Honduras country director) and my presence will still be much needed in Honduras, I think it is very likely our presence is needed here as well to encourage the body of Christ to act and take up the cross of this orphan crisis in Honduras and the one in India.  So for now, our family will be missionaries in motion (the term for now I’ll give to missionaries that go between countries of service every few months.)  I’ve seen several other missionaries that do the same. (A nurse friend of ours comes to Honduras and serves at the public hospitals for a month, returns home and works two months or so, and then returns again.  She has done it for many years, and now the government has asked her to be a part of rewriting the entire system for public hospitals. )   There are still many decisions we will all need to discuss with ROOM's Board of Directors, but we will share any news as soon as we can. 

Just so it is known, this isn’t my choice and definitely not my idea.  But I also trust God 100%, and know that He sees that for some reason it is best for ROOM too in our growth for its executive director to reside more in the US than in Honduras at this point. 

All that to say I’ll be coming to speak at your church very soon!  

Friday, August 8, 2014

DINAF meets ROOM...

We're's time...we're a go!!! 
Transition Home… a huge blessing… a huge urgent financial need for ROOM.  

Yesterday we had an information packed meeting with a wonderful, Christian lady, Marta, our regional director here in San Pedro Sula for DINAF, the government body now overseeing child services.  (As many of you know, IHNFA, children services is currently dissolving. Their work load is being handed over to various non-profits.)  At this meeting we shared ROOM's work plan which outline’s the ways ROOM can assist the new Honduran child services model.  As it turns out DINAF was lacking resources or another NGO for the exact programs we had outlined in our work plan.  Plans which God had already molded ROOM for and plans ROOM is already actively doing!  She was as excited as we were!  WOW GOD! 

For length, I'll stick to sharing the most urgent area that DINAF is requesting ROOM’s assistance in. That is our transition homes.  You, our supporters, have heard about the transition homes we long to open which will create place for children to await adoption, placement in foster families, or placement into small private orphanages.  We've also introduced you to the missionary families who are going to dedicate their lives to loving these kids and running the homes!  The most awesome part is that God placed this need on ROOM's heart over a year ago; long before we knew IHNFA and the public orphanages would close and transition homes would not just be a need but an URGENT need. 

When we shared the idea of transition homes and realized DINAF was urgently searching for what they would do with children who arrived abandoned or abused, it was obvious our great Conductor of all things had been orchestrating this all along! 

You as ROOM's supporters and as folks dedicated to seeing Honduran children receive placement into loving homes and environments can help us open these transition homes!!!  DINAF's goal is to close Nueva Esperanza, the facility currently taking these children, by the end of August or mid-September at the latest.  Yes, this month! 

Thankfully, we located many months past, three homes side-by-side which we could use as transition homes.  We've been praying, sharing about the homes, and speaking with the owners. We have been seeking God's will for these houses and their surrounding land.  The owners are eager and willing to work with us because they too believe in the call to love orphans in their distress.  The owners agree that ROOM can put down payments and then rent to own, which eliminates the need to take out loans.  With your help and God's perfect provision, we can very possibly move kids in by September!  What is needed?  Short term, donations to provide the basic needs for new Scarlet Project children.  Long term, around $655,000 to pay for all land and mortgages!  

To make a donation to support the Scarlet Project today please visit or mail a check to R.O.O.M., P.O. Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.  Be sure to earmark “Scarlet Project.” 

FOR NOW we need the following to secure these Transition Houses: 
$50,000 down payment on the first house within the year in order to renovate and add rooms.   
$50,000 down payment for the middle, larger house (where ROOM will be able to house approximately 30 children plus babies in the nursery).  
$25,000 down payment for the third house.   
All that to say, with $75,000 ROOM can open the transition homes by next month!   

There are so many more details, that I would love to share if you are interested.  If you are able to assist us in securing these houses, or want to share this need with anyone, please contact me today:   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Connect ROOM Costa Rica...

Since May 2014, ROOM's missionary family plant, the Murrays, have been making connections and REACHING OUT in Costa Rica!  

To stay connected to how ROOM is growing in Costa Rica be sure to check out the Murray's blog regularly: 

For now, this video clip created by the Murray's and their amazing kids can get you up to date!

You can also connect with them on Facebook: Make Room for the Murrays.  And learn all about their current project: building an extra room in Orphanage Hogarcito San Juan Bosco!

Donate today at and continue reaching out to the orphans in Costa Rica, Honduras, and India.  With all of the body of Christ working together, God can truly bring a day where there are no more orphans.  Your donation today will help make that a reality tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moving Mountains!

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." -Matthew 17:20

"Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. -Mark 11:23

I think God likes it when we take Him at His Word, and well I think it includes ALL His word, even the bit on moving mountains!

And that is exactly what happened last week: God moved mountains!  Every since Olvin arrived at the public orphanage at 2 months old and only 4 pounds, we were desperate to get him placed into a foster family.  Even though he is available for adoption, we currently have no Honduran families awaiting a little one, so due to his need to gain weight quickly we wanted to place him with Ada, our foster mom that is a nurse and super good at taking care of babies!

Only one small detail: Ada was presently caring for Angel, an 8 month old with hydrocephalus.  Thankfully he is doing super well and can move on to be adopted.  During the same time frame an acquaintance of ours, expressed the desire to be a foster mom.  When Ruby first met Angel, she instantly fell in love and said yes to being his new foster mom.  Amazingly too, she is very willing to consider adopting him if no family is found internationally!  We all desire the best for him, and the resources for hydrocephalus children are much better in the U.S.

So, we here at ROOM are praising God that both these little guys are in loving hands!  (Pictured above Ada holding Olvin in yellow blanket, and below Ruby with Angel!)  While moving the little tykes was easy and simple, the process to get to this day was where God moved the large mountains. 

 At one point we were even told it wasn't going to happen because IHNFA needs to complete all open cases to have  files ready in case they truly do shut down, and they did not want to start any new ones by placing another baby with ROOM.  The office staff there were already running around super busy with that task.  But me constantly showing Olvin's skinny picture, Johanna's weekly phone calls, us sitting in the office a couple days, and the gentle reminders I'm sure straight from God moved hearts once more; and light bulbs went off that by getting rid of us they would get more work done! :)

So THANK YOU to everyone that prayed over the last several weeks for Olvin.  Please continue to pray with us for a family to adopt him.  AND thanks to everyone who donates to The Scarlet Project.  Each donation sent in makes it possible for ROOM to love babies just like Olvin and Angel, provide for them medically, and see them placed into a family!  Please consider donating today, our funds are super low in this program right now and any amount will be a life saving donation!  To donate go to: or mail your check to: 


PO Box 5882

Concord, NC 28027

*Be sure to mark "Scarlet Project" in the memo!"

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thank you HIAOM!

Thank you HIAOM!
Five Days of non-stop play, hot dogs, cross necklace crafts, "God molded you" devotions, gift-giving, and did I mention play!  Those are the details of the blessing that just blew through several of the San Pedro Sula area orphanages.   For the second year, the eleven-person Here I am Orphan Ministries (HIAOM) mission team came from Texas to love Honduran orphans in a very real way.  The neat thing about this group is that due to another arm of their ministry, Forever Families, many of them have personally adopted and raised one or more orphans; further being a part of God placing the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6) and providing them with a strong perspective of the orphan world. 

Each time they come, they bring suitcases laden with specific items needed by each individual orphanage.  When they arrive each day they inform the lunch staff that they will be able to rest a bit, and they step into the kitchen to prepare a gourmet hot dog meal!  It is not a typical meal here, as it is in the U.S., so the kids truly enjoy the new menu!  A very important aspect of their trip is to impart on the kids, whether it be a children's home of 100 or 10, that Jesus loves them.  Through translators they also minister one-on-one when possible, and nothing says 'I love ya' more than a full day of play and attention!   Although exhausted by the end of the day, the team heads to the Honduran supermarket to stock up for the next days' lunch items, loading up several carts, and definitely turning a few heads!

Since ROOM first met HIAOM over a year ago, we are continually amazed at their giving hearts.  As an organization they are reaching many orphanages in many countries, but still they find the capacity to minister all year long to the needs of several orphanages around San Pedro Sula, as well as to several of the children cared for by ROOM's Scarlet Project.  They've partnered with ROOM in funding several life-saving surgeries, provided sponsorships enabling us to place a baby in foster care, and blessed us (the Garcias) as a missionary family time and again.  We praise God for this partnership, and thank Him for making us one body working together toward the goal of reaching orphans. Thank you HIAOM! 

To learn more about this wonderful organization visit: